Felicie Blanche

Cuvée Félicie Blanche

Grape variety : 100% Sauvignon

Yield : 55hl / ha

Soil : Argile sur calcaire en tuffeau

Method of grape harvest : Mechanic, in the morning very early to have a fresh grape harvest (max : 10°c)

vinification : Pressing in pneumatic press from the harvest, *débourbage cold statics (6°c 24 hours later), low temperature fermentation, breeding on fine dregs, stabilization, clarification, bottling in spring.

Tasting : This wine wink to the grandmothers of the family, arises from old vines of Sauvignon, with limited yields, on selected plots of land.

Miss Fié

With a pale golden color in the green and silvery reflections, the lively and bright dress, this wine has a beautiful concentration of material while being brilliant and crystal clear.

In the nose, we find the freshness anticipated in the eye under a pallet allying aromas of white fruits apple, pear, marks of white flowers and marks of citruc fruits. The wine also presents an attractive honeyed weft. An attractive contrats between the freshness ant the honeyed side. In mouth, the wine is a real greed with flaveurs of white fruits compotés, of honey and citrus fruits in finale. A balance which returns the wine pleasant to have a rough time from today. Let us add the sharpness and the delicate side of the set which plead for an absolute pleasure.

Agreement dish / wines : To drink in apéritif, on brown shrimps, on oysters green oysters, a frying of fish, grilled fishes, scallop, soft goat cheeses or semi-dry.

Conservation : can be drunk young and this wine has a high aging potential ( 8 years)

Temperature of service : To serve it to 12°c. Open the bottle ½ hour before serving

Edmond Mederic

Cuvée Edmond Médéric

Grape variety : 50% Côt (malbec), 50% Cabernet

Yield : 50 -55 hl/ha

Soil : Argilo sur calcaire en tuffeau

Method of grape harvest : Mechanic

vinification : Maceration of grapes in inox vat during 10-12 days, then pressing in pneumatic press, regulation of the temperatures of fermentation, long breeding on fine dregs, syabilization, clarification, bottling in September.

Tasting : This cuvée, wink of eye to the grandfathers of the family, is a cuvée steming from old vines of côt and Cabernet, converted into wine separately.

This cuvée, with its color of a garnet, offers aromas of cooked fruits and marks of Morello cherries, with it finale of the skilly tannins.

Miss Fié

Agreements dish / Wines : Meats in sauce, games and cheeses.

Temperature of service : Between 16 and 18°c and if possible, open the bottle 1 at 2 am before the tasting.

Conservation : Can drink right now and with a high aging potential.

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