• Domaine des Tabourelles

Our estate has since 1996 been conducted according to the principles of what is known in France as "agriculture raisonnée" an environmentally-friendly system of agricultural management which minimises chemical inputs.

 The Vineyard

Our objective :

Obtain a harvest of moderate yield by the various means at our disposal (short size, grass, observations). Limit the use of phytosanitary products thanks to data provided by a meteorological station located in the heart of the vineyard and the advice of a private technician. The vines thus find, thanks to a much deeper rooting in the tuffeau, elements, which transmitted to the grape, give wines with more stable and persistent varietal aromas. This state of mind led us to the following qualifications: Terra Vitis, the signature of French winemakers who respect nature, men and develop wines for the pleasure of the taster. The Terra Vitis approach is unique in France: the entire process, from vine to bottle, is certified each year so that the winemaker can affix the “Terra Vitis” brand to its bottle.Each step of the production cycle is checked to ensure optimal product quality.

Every year, all Terra Vitis members are controlled and receive a personalized authorization to use the brand.This rigor is found in Terra Vitis wines. The whole of the details integrated in the Terra Vitis approach makes it possible to propose to consumers healthy and authentic wines, leaving the terroir fully expressing itself.

Representing all the vineyards of France, Terra Vitis is the ambassador of French winemaking know-how. Through the signature Terra Vitis, it is the diversity and quality of the wines of our regions that express themselves for the satisfaction of the consumer. Iam Terra Vitis certified and have second level environmental certification (by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry)

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